This is the third induction for me in LCC. I have contact screen-printing back in high school before with me former teachers, and this time in the induction of screen-printing, I fully get the hole procedures of how to do  do screen printing.

I have to mention that I only take the part A of the induction about how to print, and I still have to learn how to make the mesh.

What is screen-printing?

It is a technique of using mesh to transfer the pigment color on the paper, the picture that I want to print need to be prepared on the mesh first. And we can also collage imagines by using different mash with different images.

Making processes


Tape the border

Make sure there no thing under the mesh

Lock the mesh

Lay the paper under the mesh, with hand made paper handle and then correct the place of picture

Laystops, in order to mark the location of the papers

Remember to fold it first!

Make the pigment, the medium must be more than 50%, the higher percentage, the lighter the color

Put the pigment on the mesh

Bush the color right on the mesh pictures

With two different pictures and color, it is my work!!!!


My reflection

Screen-printing is magical to me because I still know how the pigment go through the mesh and how to make the mesh, but I literally have some inspirations of this.

Screen-printing is just a process,  what is underlying this process is the most mysterious part.  We all know that screen-printing is also known as serigraphy or serigraph printing,  can be used on anything as long as it is flat.  For example if I want to print some logos on my T-shirt I can also use this technique.

Similar to Mono-relief, it has infinity possibility to combine pictures. So what if I can combine all those technique altogether and make a piece of art with different printing ways must be truly interesting.