Contextual-Design-Collection trip on October 8th

Contextual-Design-Collection trip on October 8th


Collection trip on October 8th

Today my teacher told our class to collect things from Elephant Castle to the South Bank of Tames. On the collection trip I decided do collect gaps because I think it is fun and easy to collect,  I can find gaps in any kind and anywhere. And gap do not only means in physical ways, but also the gap between people, relationships and society.

Research & Analyse

At first when I am collecting the gaps for fun, and when I took a picture of a gap on the wooden fencing, I can easily see through it and observe the people on the other side. Then I started to image that if all the gaps, no matter on the ground, on the wall or anywhere, are actually the monitors of the higher life form from another dimension. The higher life form watches us from any gaps in this world, to learn human and this world, in order to occupy this dimension of earth, which is the last dimension they have not take over.

Predator, 1987
Independence Day, 1996


I have watched many films about aliens invade the earth. For example, Predator by John McTiernan (1987), and Independence Day by Roland Emmerich (1996). Those two movies are both talking about there is another live from which is more advanced than human beings, trying to take down humans. Especially for Predator, the rumors said scriptwriter Jim Thomas got this talent idea from a joke in Hollywood after Rocky 4. The producers were joking that Rocky need a rival from other planet because there no other creature on earth is able to defeat him.

Then from the comic character: Marvel’s watchers, who observe this universe from anywhere by pretend to be others. Then I think what if the watchers actually exist but they do observe this world in an intangible way, watching through the gaps in the world.

Doctor Strange, 2016

And from the film Marvel’s Doctor Strange by Scott Derrickson and Ant-man and the Wasp by Peyton Reed, which are the films illustrate the world of other dimension. Then those movie inspired me that the higher live form may not come from other planet.  And I just imaging that what if people on this dimension on earth  are troublesome to detect other dimensions?

Ant-Man and the Wasp, 2018

My feel and reflections

I always considered that the world is not what it might be seemed by human eyes. There are more than one dimension exist incloud this world that human lives. All those dimensions are monitoring each others and the Gap is the eyes of other dimension.

During these thinking and collecting process, I figured out that human, although has already played the most dominant role in this world, still have the feeling of insecure and unsafe. Maybe that is the reason, being doninant, which increases the feelings.

For so many years in humans history, people always fear and beware of something. Beasts, desease, wars and relationships. The funny thing is even though people have defeat nearly 90% of those battles, the fear still exists. Without reasons, without triggers, the emotion stills and remains. Then if people using science defeat every triggers, people need a replacement for the reasons of there fear and insecure. Then the Gap come out.

As the collector of the Gaps I actually want to find those replacements of feelings that no longer have triggers.

The gap that I have collect and details

Let me briefly introduce the world in my story:

“Human is on the No.17 dimension of the earth, and there are total 18 dimensions on earth, the higher dimension, the life form is higher. and the higher life form in No.18 dimension had take over other 16 dimensions and the earth is the last one, so they use gaps on earth to observe human, and try to find a way to occupy earth.”

I got the idea of story by watching Predator and Independence Day, and the inspiration of dimension was come from Doctor Strange and Ant-Man and the Wasp.

And there are the “monitors’, the gap that I have found

The GAP brand Take in October 8th in Oxford Circles In my story, this is the sign of other dimension

The gap on the tree Take in October 8th on Flodden Road, Camberwell The higher life form is watching through the gap

The GAP brand Take in October 8th in Oxford Circles In my story, this is the sign of other dimension


My girlfriend’s sock. Took in October 2nd Some people realize the essence of gap and try to warn us

The gap on the road Take in October 8th on , Elephant Castle The higher life form is watching through the gap



The gap on the wall Took in Oxford Circles in October 8th The higher life form in observing


The gap is hidden between grass and road Took in October 8th On the road of Elephant & Castle

The sign in Oval station Took in October 9th Some people realized there are higher life form that they cannot defeat is watching them, so they wrote those sign to warn people


I literally need to be more prepared my schedules of collecting those gaps, This time I cannot have many pictures because I do not have the hobbit of taking photos and from now on, I need to develop this hobbit and this is the only way to do better collecting and recording.




Predator. (1987). [film] Directed by J. McTiernan.

Independence Day. (1996) Directed by Roland Emmerich

Doctor Strange. (2016) Directed by Scott Derrickson

Ant-man and the Wasp. (2018) Directed by Peyton Reed