This is the very first induction in LCC and also the first time contact Mono-relief. I am so excited to learn other kinds of art form besides film with my teacher Klara and Andrew. And there is my feelings of these and what I have learned in induction.

What is Mono-relief?

First part is Monoprint, it is a kind of art that use reprintable block to print images on paper or other materials, and it is able to collage images by using different blocks.  

Making process

First get a reprintable bolck
Then get the oil ready
Prepare the pigment on the roller
Roll on the block
Put the block on the machine and put the paper on it, then out the blanket on it
And pull it right at the point
Bingo! One color is ready
Then tried three different blocks with three different colors, then a piece of art comes
First roll the pigments on the roller
Then cut the shape of paper and put the fragments on the print paper(or anything). The machine needs to be prepared!
And roll the roller 3 times and one comes out
In 2 times with different shape of paper design, arts coming out

My reflection

I literally think that it is interesting and can be infinity, because Mono-relief can not only using paper but also anything. I can print anything on any kinds of layers. For me it is a really good way to transmit culture and art. It break the rule that we can only draw on papers, makes it have nearly endless imagination space to do arts.

I use to think about religion and I collect gaps and wrote story about it, I truly think that this part can be a extraordinary way to delivery the believe that I made in my story about the Gap. So I would like to spend a hole day in this place.

Some masterpieces

Path Through Wood 1950 Bryan Wynter 1915-1975 Purchased 1990
Monoprint with Red Hand 1973 Berenice Sydney 1944-1983 Presented by the artist through the Institute of Contemporary Prints 1975
Hansjörg Mayer alphabet square 1967





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